3-Day Intensive Training to Boost Personal Effectiveness
with Vladimir Gerasichev
January 11-13, 2018
training in English

220 East 23rd Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10010
Don't wait until tomorrow. Begin to make changes starting today!
Maximize your income
You can earn more, launch your business or get your dream job! It is time to find out what truly inspires you and start living in a new way.
Fulfill your dream
So many good ideas don't materialize due to procrastination, or just lack of clear and detailed action plan. Turn your dreams to reality! Reach your goal!
Improve your personal life
It is not a question of how many friends you have and whether you have a partner or not. What truly matters is the quality of the relationships that you create. Learn to analyze your behavior and discover what prevents you from building strong connections with people.
Find inspiration and build new connections
Spend three days among fascinating people who are open to communication and are dedicated to self-development. Learn from their experience, share your concerns and find the answers you are looking for!
What is it about ?
This training is for people who are NOT satisfied with who they are today and who would like to ACHIEVE MORE.
- Vladimir Gerasichev
What are you getting?
Effectiveness is what truly distinguishes this training from others. We keep in touch with our alumni to monitor their progress and share their results. Most of them have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams and achieving desired goals.

Clear technique
We use time-tested coaching techniques and walk through the every step of work along with you. We are responsible for the approach. You are responsible for taking an action. Our techniques are not a mystery; it's clear and doable. We provide a road-map for you to succeed.
Quick result
You need to commit only for three days to make a change to your life. Dedicate this time for yourself. Those three days will turn your life around. Get out of your rut, once and for all. Manifest your dreams!
Highly qualified trainer
Vladimir Gerasichev is a successful business trainer with a proven track record. He is one of the most-sought after experts working in the field of personal development and motivation. Vladimir creates films, writes books and columns, and also appears on major TV channels.
What makes this training special?
25 countries
Our methodology works across the globe regardless of where a participant lives, whether it is USA, Europe, China, Japan or Russia.
250,000 people
have completed the training and 90% of them recommend it to their friends, workmates and relatives
300 companies
Adidas, Red Bull, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Ernst & Young, DHL and many other companies have chosen US to help them create efficient work environment and achieve extraordinary results
Based on the interviews with CONTEXT alumni over the past 10 years
Became more confident
Improved relationships
Became happier
Started their own business and increased income
What will the training include?
Work with one of our top-rated trainers
Personal training of the participants takes place throughout the whole course
Participant's case studies
Each participant will work through their case studies and make some important discoveries
One-on-one and group work
The training process involves a lot of interaction among the participants
Setting and declaring goals
You will clarify your objectives and will determine ways and timeline for achieving them
Employees of these companies are among CONTEXT alumni:
World Trade Week Forum. Vladimir Gerasichev. NTV-America. Reporter Yulia Rydler.
Who conducts the training?
Vladimir Gerasichev
CEO at Business Relations, business trainer, coach
Vladimir has 20 years of experience as a trainer and has been specializing in conducting corporate training programs in Europe, Japan and the US. Co-author of the book 'Dream Team. How to create it', based on an actual business case. Vladimir was featured in the television shows 'Context: The Art of Being Happy' [Channel One] and "Life". Instruction for application' [TNT channel], and was the host of the program 'Keep your word' [Rain TV]. Winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 [B2B category]. He delivers trainings in English and Russian.

Clients // Ernst & Young, P&G, Wrigley, Red Bull, Amway, Adidas, BBDO, Sbarro, Sberbank, TNKFBP, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Skolkovo, AIG, МTS, X5 Retail Group, Sitronix, Megafon, HOME CREDIT BANK and others.

Awards //
√ Trainer of the year at Training Expo, 2013
√ Finalist of the competition 'EY Entrepreneur
of the Year', 2014
√ Best trainer in the field of teambuilding, 2014
√ Winner of the competition 'EY Entrepreneur
of the Year', B2B category, 2015
√ Award by the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, 2018
Ivan Maurakh
Business trainer, coach at Business Relations
Ivan has over 25 years of experience in training and coaching in Europe, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and the US.

He provides executive coaching, delivers train-the-trainer workshops, and corporate trainings.

As a senior trainer at Business Relations, Ivan has worked with different multinational corporations and led group trainings and individual one-on-one coaching sessions for staff of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. He is regularly leading training for mixed multinational groups in USA. He is the author of the corporate program 'The Power of Now'. He delivers training programs in English and Russian.

Ivan is an avid runner, who has participated in more than 50 races in the last 5 years. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Elena, his two children, Yan and Yana, and his grandchild Anton.

Clients // BBDO, Campbells, Red Bull, JWT, Mirax Group, Salym Petroleum Development, Zara, Mc-Cain, Uralsib bank, Otkrytie bank, Polyus Gold

Training is in English
Number of participants is limited
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220 East 23rd Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10010

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